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Crew List Certification

Stenaline Irish Sea run Ro-Ro ferries on 4 routes between Ireland and the British mainland.

PSS installed a database on board each ship to record Crew Members and the Certificates they hold. Certificates include STCW regulations, medical ENG1, and company training requirements.

The CrewTracker database provides a standard way of registering certificates for crew members on each boat on the route. It can be easily configurable to incorporate new certificates (fig 2).

In addition, vessels on one route, who share the same pool of staff, interchange updates (via satellite communications) between each other every day, eliminating re-entry of data when crew swap vessels.

Crew certificate records are linked to scanned copies of the certificates.

The database provides warnings of pending expiry of certificates, and allows better planning of training courses as re-certification dates are all available for the coming year.

A Crew List is generated prior to each sailing and sent via email to port officials (see fig 3).

Using the current CrewList the training officer can quickly record ship drills such as Muster and Evacuation(see fig 4).


Stena Pionner"PSSUK were approached to provide a solution to effectively manage crew records onboard three of our passenger vessels operating on intense schedules in the Irish Sea and at our HR department ashore. The brief was pretty tough with over 200 seagoing personnel in constant flux requiring to meet very demanding certification and training requirements in line with current maritime legislation.

We found working with Paul Stanley at PSSUK a very enlightening experience. He was readily able to understand our specific needs and provide a quick workable solution in plain language and thus the CrewTracker database was born. Furthermore we found the quoted price for the tailor made product being offered was very competitive. Paul was also able to work closely with our own IT department to set up real time transfer of data across our network.

Once the package was delivered onboard all users were immediately impressed with the simplicity of the database and the great improvement it offered compared to our previous systems thus making one aspect of their working day a great deal more efficient. The system has been up and running over 6 months to date and reliability is without question.

During the initial roll out period the support and back up to the three vessels from PSSUK was first class, providing quick responses to all queries raised by onboard users.

We were very pleased we choose PSSUK to work on this project and are now considering using their expertise further in other undertakings across the fleet.

Captain N Whittaker
Senior Master
Stena Line Irish Sea Ltd

Fig 1 Crew Details

Stena Crew Certificate Database

Fig 2 Setup of Certificates

Stena Crew Certificates

Fig 3 Crew List

Stena Crew List

fig 4 Record Crew Drills

Crew Drill

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