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Bespoke Software

A bespoke software application, custom written to meet specific client requirements, makes running a business easier, more efficient, and removes the restrictions and frustration associated with off-the-shelf software.

Advantages of Bespoke Software

Customised software application will work with you Bespoke software is easy to use because it works the way you work.  
Ease of use of a custom software solution You are in control - changes can be implemented quickly, as your business grows, or to meet new legislation or client requirements.
Ease of use of a custom software solution Bespoke software precisely matches your working practices, resulting in improved efficiency, less supervision, fewer errors
Greater efficiency from a bespoke software application Bespoke applications increase productivity, and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks.
Innovate and be creative with software only you use Your own software differentiates you from the competition with unique and better products and services.
More intelligence in a bespoke solution makes understanding your information simple Business information is easier to understand because bespoke applications incorporate your business know-how.
All knowledge from one source Information can be integrated from existing applications, suppliers and customers.

Bespoke Software v Off The Shelf

A custom application may be a better solution than standard, off the shelf, software application. Off the shelf software is designed for a wide range of businesses and may not be ideally suited to your specific business.

Costs can be deceptive as off the shelf software may not include setup, data import, customisation of reports, support nor your own learning time.

Off-the-shelf software caters for a wide range of organisations and may include many functions you will never use. Generic screens, not specific to your business, may be much slower, harder to user than a bespoke software screen built.

Custom software can actually cost less, especially for large number of users. With PSS you pay a one off fee regardless of the number of users.

Outgrown Excel?

Often business or departmental data is held excel spreadsheets. This is often fine to get things started, when the data is simple, or only a couple of people of need access.

Overtime, as more data is added, as the complexity of the data increases, or as data becomes fragmented in personal folders, using Excel starts to become a bottle neck. Examples: an Excel sheet can only be updated one person at a time, or collecting sales figures means opening multiple documents.

Converting from Excel to a bespoke database application can:

Customised software application will work with you save time (eg copy and pasting) by automating repetitive tasks
Ease of use of a custom software solution make data easier to locate by adding sophisticated query functions
Ease of use of a custom software solution allow data to be easily shared and updated
Ease of use of a custom software solution improve reliability and consistency by adding validation rules

Onshore v Offshore Development

It may appear cheaper to have software developed offshore say in India. But you may find there are unforeseen consequences:

- Problems working across different time zones, different cultures, and languages.

- No face to face meetings, make it harder to develop proper understanding.

- Process can take much longer and you may not end up with what you want.

Customised software applications, developed locally, save your business time, are cost effective and can grow with your business grows.

Thinking you could benefit from Bespoke Software?

Paul Stanley - Software Developer Lancashire UK

I can give you ideas of feasibility, options, & costs.

I have extensive experience in developing quality bespoke applications.




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Why PSS for Bespoke Software?

Bespoke Software Costs

Bespoke Software Development Process

Examples of Bespoke Software

Below are examples of bespoke software applications developed for clients, mainly in the UK.

These projects, spanning a range of business sectors, give you an idea of the type of solutions PSS can develop.

Waste Management

Job Processing : Trade Waste/Ad Hoc Skips

Managing Waste Jobs from Quote to Duty of Care

Customer/Supplier Confirmation; Invoicing - Integration to Sage; Client Reports; Contract Scheduling; Waste Transfer Note; Enquires & Quotes

Waste Management - Software

Grounds Maintenance

Workforce Scheduling and Monitoring

Printing Team Worksheets, Scoring and Reporting Performance

local authority, horticulture, green space, play areas, parks, street furniture, budget, grounds maintenance planning and scheduling, sites, teams, tasks, performance monitoring, scoring.

Ground Maintenance Botanic Gardens

Youth Theatre

Members Database

Members details include: mailing, background, health, consent, emergency contacts & past productions

Workshop attendance and payments; comprehensive reporting for Arts Council funding requirements

Youth Theatre

Irish Sea Ferries

Crew Certification Database

Records crew members and the certificates they hold

Crew lists generated for each sailing; import and export of crew records between ships and HR

Irish Sea Ferries - Crew Database

Photocopier Leasing

Invoicing and Account Management

Generates monthly invoices using a range of pricing plans and tiered discounts

Account management, ordering of consumables, service calls, stock tracking

Photocopier - Bespoke Invoicing Software


Event Planning Database

Manages invitations, registration, and seminar places

Task allocation, budgets and purchase ordering


Workforce Wellbeing Program

Promote healthy lifestyle choices

Reports highlight where employees need help in improving their wellness

Bespoke Employee Wellness Program


Despatch Note Tracking Database

Records picking of despatch notes

Records picker productivity, goods not found and notes lost


Health and Safety

VDU Risk Assessment & Training Web Application

Provides statutory risk assessments for users of Display Screen Equipment (VDUs)

Comprehensive e-learning package with quizzes; management reports

Bespoke VDU Risk Assessment Software


Marketing Database

Marketing segmentation and contact management

Territory management, telemarketing, direct mail campaigns, analysis

Direct Mail Marketing

Video Production

Quotations & Estimating

Provides instant online estimates of corporate video productions

Sophisticated costing formula, customer incentives

Estimating Costs Online

Actors Agency

Artist Agency Payroll and Invoicing

Actors payslip calculations and invoicing

payments, deductions, invoices to artists and production companies

Accounts Invoice Program


Advertising Campaign Scheduling

Plans and controls advertising campaigns across Europe

Managing of budgets, country allocation, approval media and budget control

Advertising Scheduling

Press Office

Bespoke Software for the Press Office

Media & resource database, press release distribution

Event planning, and clipping database, foreign language features

PR Resource Centre

Human Resources

Sales Training Database

Records skill levels and supporting evidence

Management reports of personal attainment history and team performance

Performance Monitoring Database

Imagine having your own bespoke software, customised and optimised to suit your exact needs.

One of the above bespoke software examples may be similar to your requirements, and could perhaps provide the basis for a solution to your business.

Investment in bespoke software can be cost effective, and often simple, and quick to implement.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Please ring Paul on 01695 720562

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